Accelerating the African Digital Sunrise: Our 2019 Theme

Africa’s digital sun is rising. In contrast to the saturated American & European markets – more than 70 percent of mid- to large-sized organizations have established some form of enterprise applications – Africa is an untapped frontier. According to IDC only 19 percent of African firms possess enterprise applications but fully 55 percent are currently endeavoring to establish these business technologies.

A now-fading cause of the historic African lag is that mul- tinational software and services companies have been slow to enter the African market through a chronic fail- ure to recognize the continent’s growth potential. But no longer. African clients and providers are finally waking up to previously undetected advantages.

The 55 percent of African firms on the path to enterprise applications represents a momentous green field for software and services providers.

A large percentage of American & European clients of enterprise applications express disappointment in their results and are balking at subsequent investments for digital transformation. Since Africa has a lesser IT legacy burden (or its correlative bad experiences) it possesses better agility for adoption of new business-centric tech- nologies.

Further, promising signals on the continent have been the rapid rise of Internet usage, mobility (mobile phones and banking), and other devices, all of which promote an adaptive maturity that helps to usher in business pro- cess-based systems as populations move from personal technologies into group and social technologies.

Today’s generation of management in African markets is more in tune with new technologies than its predecessors.

While these signs bode well for the future, digital evolution will not succeed without meaningful collaboration between the industry’s most active stakeholders, from software developers to implementation partners to the client stakeholders themselves. For our inaugural conference, we have chosen the theme “Accelerating the Digital Sunrise.”

Active and enlightened partnerships between clients and providers will propel industry growth and contribute to the ultimate success of enterprise implementations and deployment. This summit is the place where these part- nerships can be struck as clients gain a clearer under- standing of technology requirements and the key role that software providers and systems integrators can play.

Join us for the Enterprise Africa Summit 2019 to learn:

– What project experiences can the industry’s leading software companies, consultancies, and other technolo- gy partners exchange to mutual benefit?

– What is the potential for knowledge and information sharing between systems integrators to better ensure project excellence?

– What are the tangible bottom-line benefits that African enterprises can derive from business-centric technolo- gies?

– How can your business effectively seize the opportuni- ties that artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analyt- ics and the ‘internet of things’ create?

These questions and more will be answered at the first ever Enterprise Africa Summit 2019, a setting to revitalize prior alliances and fashion more relevant ones.

Join us for the first ever Enterprise Africa Summit on January 24-25, 2019 at the Avenue Conference and Event Venue

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Michael Doane
Content Director