Amazon Web Services establishes in South Africa

Making its physical entry into the country, the first Amazon CloudFront Edge location in Africa will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This new edge location is set to improve availability and performance of content delivery to viewers in the region.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), owned by retail giant first established its presence in South Africa in 2004 through its Development Centre in Cape Town. Since then, the company has expanded its presence by launching Direct Connect in 2017.

CloudFront will allow businesses to deliver content efficiently and securely. “We expect that customers who use Amazon CloudFront to reach viewers in South Africa, will see performance improvements of as much as 75 percent from reduction in latency for their content delivery,” the group told BusinessTech.

The entrance of AWS in the South African market holds great significance for the potential growth of the AWS footprint in Africa. “They pull in regional interest and this elevates the status of the host city or country. I expect South Africa to become the Launchpad for Africa,” Principal Analyst at Ovum, Roy Illsley said.

The location will have Lambda@Edge, Field Level Encryption, and Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, as well as seamless integration with other AWS services like AWS Certificate Manager (ACM), AWS Shield, AWS WAF, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

AWS is planning a second launch of the CloudFront Edge location in Cape Town in coming weeks. These new locations will grow the AWS network to 119 points of presence in 58 cities across 26 countries.