An Interview with Mico Yuk

Mico Yuk has been keynoting at events on an international basis for more than ten years and Enterprise Africa Summit will be her return to South Africa after several other visits in recent years.

She is the founder of BI Brainz and has long been a recognized global leader in the realm of analytics and BI. In recent years, she has blazed new paths and communication means that benefit business leaders in her focus upon data visualization and storytelling.

Anticipating this event, we asked Mico to answer some key questions in order to give event attendees a clearer idea of her value as a speaker.

Enterprise Alliance: As you look forward to addressing an audience of business leaders in need of insight into how to get their arms around emerging and tempting technologies, what barriers to their understanding have you observed in recent years?

Mico Yuk: There are three inter-related barriers that need to be overcome. The first is unsurprisingly a fear of change. Fear of change is augmented by a fear of what they do not understand. And finally, business leaders are daunted by how difficult digital transformation appears to be.

Once these fears are addressed, the second barrier is that business leaders have little to no idea of where they should start. They need to be guided to the first step and then a second, and a third, and onward. This event is intended to help attendees overcomes their fears and gain a direction for moving forward.

Enterprise Alliance: What can you best do to help get past these barriers of understanding and help them get over the fear?

Mico Yuk: I tell them a story and the hero of the story resembles them. As the path to transformation then becomes relevant to them, we can eradicate three other fears that tend to crop up: loss of time, loss of money, and insurmountable difficulty.

When business leaders can visualize themselves and their organization on a forward path, they can move closer and closer to an elaborated and attractive end game. Success along that path leads to growing confidence and fear no longer is an overriding impediment.

Enterprise Alliance: There is always a lot of vendor, and even analyst, hype surrounding emerging technologies. What brief advice can you give to prospective attendees of our event that will help them set the hype aside and concentrate not on “what” they can do but “how” to approach their adoption and eventual deployment?

Mico Yuk: The elimination of business pain points is always very motivating for business leaders and I focus upon identifying three main pain points and how to drive change that will replace the pain with attractive business outcomes.

List their three main pain points and drive to three wanted outcomes. This is why business leaders need to drive the transformation. Handing it off to IT is a huge mistake.

Enterprise Alliance: Specific to the African continent, are there aspects to the market that you consider to be beneficial to client organizations seeking technology evolution?

Mico Yuk: Absolutely. Africa’s relative lack of maturity in the area of enterprise applications is going to work to their benefit because they can leapfrog over what Forrester refers to as “complex legacy applications”. Africans are relatively unfettered by unsatisfactory legacy foundations and are thus free to go straight to cloud and other newer technologies for which the learning curve is lessening rather than growing.

Enterprise Alliance: What one nugget of advice can you offer to prospective attendees of this event?

Mico Yuk: Come equipped with an open mind, thoughtful and prepared questions, and a lot of business cards to assist in your networking.

Mico is a featured keynote speaker at Enterprise Africa Summit 2019


Mico’s most recent accomplishments include being named one of the Top 50 Analytics Bloggers by SAP and being rated a #1 global keynote speaker at a number of global BI conferences. To find out more about Mico, please visit .

Mico Yuk

CEO, BI Brainz Group