The Enterprise Africa Summit commences in Cape Town 

  • The conference opened with keynote speeches by industry leaders, unveiling the conference theme, Accelerating the African Digital Sunrise.
  • Enterprise service providers shared their perspectives in a moderated power panel.
  • The Transformer’s Lounge provided a space for professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue on digital transformation.

 Cape Town, 24 January 2019 –The Enterprise Africa Summit commenced today in Cape Town, with keynote speeches from thought leaders and field veterans including Miko Yuk, CEO of BI Brainz Group; Antonio Grasso, CEO of Digital Business Innovation and Tom Raftery, Global Vice President at SAP.

Addressing the theme Accelerating the African Digital Sunrise, the first day of the two-day conference included a moderated panel discussion featuring the participation of enterprise software providers, a round table and presentations on digital transformation.

Beyond the stage, the Transformer’s Lounge provided delegates with a unique opportunity to engage with participating software, tech and services providers

Taking to the stage to deliver her presentation Miko Yuk stressed the importance of story telling when it came to business intelligence, noting that storytellers were the future [of the tech industry].

“No matter how much technology we have, people resort to gut analysis to make decisions. Storytelling is important and people need to be part of the journey,” she said.

Also speaking on the first day delivering a presentation entitled Internet of EveryThing: A Business View of the Digital Revolution, Digital Business Innovation CEO Antonio Grasso discussed demystifying emerging technology adoption.

“We hear lots of buzzwords like Blockchain and Big Data; I like to break down what these words really mean and how enterprise can benefit from them.  For digital emerging technology adoption, you need to demystify technology and understand how it can be used to solve your challenges,” he said.

In the final session of the day, the audience was treated to Tom Raftery’s Guided Tour of the Digital Universe, where he pointed out that [digital] change was happening all the time, noting that change was was not something to fear, but rather something to embrace.

“If we look at the changes that have happened [in the digital transformation industry] – and are happening currently – they are almost universally positive. Things are getting better all the time; we have never had it as good as we have it today.”

The Enterprise Africa Summit continues at the Avenue V&A Waterfront Cape Town Conference and Event Venue on 25 January 2019, with key speakers including Dr Marcell Vollmer, Chief Digital Officer of SAP Ariba.