The Enterprise Africa Summit concludes in Cape Town 

  • The second day of the conference included panel discussions with industry leaders, sharing insight into the struggles and lessons on the path to digital transformation
  • Delegates were provided with a roadmap to improved technological readiness and strategy for their organizations
  • A distinguished panel of moderators and industry experts provided an insightful summary of the event

Cape Town, 25 January 2019 –The final day of the Enterprise Africa Summit kicked off in Cape Town today, with informative panel sessions focused on enterprise services, digital transformation and expert recommendations.

Addressing the theme Accelerating the African Digital Sunrise, the second day of the two-day conference included discussions featuring the participation of distinguished delegates unpacking business roles and digital transformation imperatives.

Beyond the stage, the Transformer’s Lounge provided delegates with a unique opportunity to engage with participating software, tech and services providers.

Speaking as part of the delegates honour panel, Thulisile Patricia Dlamini, CEO of Ikusasa Technology Solutions, noted that female-owned start-ups should persevere, be hopeful and find a mentor.

“Attitude is key because there is a lot of pushback,” she said.

Also speaking on Friday, Ariba CEO Marcell Volmer noted that there have been many advancements in mobile technology, especially in Africa.

“Africa has skipped using PC’s and laptops, and went straight to mobile [phones]. Africa has more mobiles than a country like India,” he said.

Speaking about how to drive digital transformation, he noted that it was not clear if the many market leaders today would survive in the next ten years.

“Apple is no longer number one; Android is catching up. This shows that you can overtake the market leader.”

Panel members also delved into the human element of digital transformation, discussing key topics such as the importance of the ’people side’ of technology, what organizations are doing, and what challenges companies face.

“In a vast majority of cases, digital transformation projects aren’t achieving the objectives that they were originally set out to do,” WWC CEO Mike Perk said.

Perk noted that a conference highlight was in-depth discussion panels that told stories getting to the practically of what is going on in the digital transformation space.

“That’s really what people are looking for. Digital transformation is about people and technology, not just technology on its own. Technology is the enabler, but people are the key,” he stated.